Solid Perfume, .50oz

Ewe So Dirty

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Lovely solid perfume in several scents!  (Click the drop down menu to choose which scent is just right for ewe!)

Honey Patchouli - Sweet essence of honeycomb wrapped around patchouli twigs. Light notes of candied fruit & lemon peel.

Patchouli Amber - Take the warmth and spiciness of amber and support it with the earthy richness of patchouli to discover a deep and sultry fragrance

Lavender Amber - You'll love this sophisticated lavender scent. It's a blend of amber, black myrrh, vanilla, tonka bean, Egyptian musk, and clary sage.

Sandalwood Vanilla - It's a mix of amber, sandalwood, vanilla, cedarwood, and subtle floral notes.

Fire And Ice - Frangipani, Patchouli, Labdanum, Amber, Oak, Sandalwood, Cedar.

Dragons Blood -  unique blend of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla, patchouli, rose, jasmine, lilac, blood orange, and grapefruit.

Perfect for a carry along pick me up!  Just the right size to take on the go.  

How To Use: Gently rub fingers along the balm and then precisely apply to your pulse points (wrist, neck, etc.) The travel-friendly tin allows for a couple applications a day if desired.