Beard Balm & Leave In Conditioner, ORANGE SPICE, 2 oz

Ewe So Dirty

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Do you have an unruly beard?  Is it dry and unmanageable?  Well we have the solution for EWE!

Full of wonderful oils and butters to condition and control.  It is the farmers favorite!  The farmers wife is pretty fond of it too!

Shea and Cocoa Butters combine with extracts of Chamomile, Green Tea, Mallow and Buckthorn for softness and condition.  Coconut Oil to aid in emulsion.  Arrowroot powder helps to smooth and combat natural oils. Added Essential or Fragrance oils give this amazing balm a heady scent sure to invite Eskimo kisses and good long conversations while snuggling! Keeps that wooley beard under control!

Apply a small amount to your palm, rub hands together to create a clear emulsion, and apply to beard, combing through, skin to beard ends.  Use EVERY day by applying after shower or bath!  This is a LEAVE IN conditioner!  (apply it AFTER your shower while grooming for your day!)

All versions have an underlying scent of cocoa because of the high cocoa butter content.  Delicious!

Orange Spice is scented with a combination of 10X Orange, Cinnamon and Clove essential oils and it DELIGHTFUL!  Warm as the summer sun on a Christmas morning!

INGREDIENTS:  Cocoa  Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Arrowroot Powder, Extracts of Green Tea, Chamomile, Mallow & Sea Buckthorn, Essential OR Fragrance Oil

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