About us

Ewe So Dirty products is a business that grew out of the love we have for our sheep! Many of our products contain lanolin from our sheep, which is gathered when sheering and scouring the beautiful wool that they grow! Our wish is to pass on the best product available to you, our loyal customer and friend! All products are very dear to us, and have been thoroughly tested by ourselves, friends and family! Natural is always best and we strive to do all we can to create an exceptional product! We love what we do and hope that you love it too!

Our line of Ewe So Dirty Artisan soaps, lotions, balms and salves are great. They are made from the finest oils, butters, herbs and essential oils available and we can custom create any soap in your favorite scent, just give us time to get it made and cured and its all yours!

We have 20 acres of grassland that we graze our sheep upon. They are much loved and pampered to the best of our ability. We feel that our job as shepherds is one of the most gratifying things we do in our daily lives. We pride ourselves on raising a healthy, happy and well cared for critter! They give us so much, and it is our job to do our best for them! We have a spinner’s flock of Romney, Dorset, Cormo and Targhee sheep.  We have also ventured into the beef business as well!  Keep your eyes peeled for fun bovine posts!

We vend at several Humboldt County, California Farmers Markets and love meeting our customers face to face! At those markets, we also vend Lamb and beef by the pound.

Thank you for stopping by our site, we hope you will come back again.

Interested in Wholesale?
If you are interested in purchasing Ewe So Dirty products wholesale, please contact us at (707) 499-2150 or email jamie@ewesodirty.com.

Business Location:
Rio Dell, California, in the Heart of the Redwoods!

Our Guild:
Humboldt Handweavers and Spinners Guild