Boot Grease, Weatherproofing, Moisturizing with Lavender & Tea Tree, 4oz

Ewe So Dirty

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This boot grease is a wonderful weatherizing, moisturizing, bug deterring bit of goodness!  Loaded with Rapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil.

Apply a generous layer to your boots, brush in well, wipe off excess and go over the entire surface with a heating device, such as a blow dryer, boot dryer or heat gun.  The heat encourages the oils and wax to penetrate the leather and stop water penetration!

Tea Tree and Lavender help deter bugs!  We have a ton of ticks here in the Great Northwest and we really want to keep away from them!!!  

This also doubles as a wonderful skin emollient!!!  Really fantastic if working outdoors or out fishing with your palls!  Really cuts back on the windburn in cold weather!


*This item is heat sensitive!  It may melt/deflate during shipping to warm climates!!!

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