Calendula Rose Foaming Cleansing Powder, .15gm

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This foaming facial cleanser is super fantastic!  The ground flower, clay (either Kaolin or French Green) and colloidal Oatmeal provide a super gentle, creamy cleansing scrub, while the Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate ( a coconut derived foaming agent ) creates a lovely foaming cleanser.  The jojoba in this formulation provides skin loving, moisturizing, antibacterial benefits!  

This tiny jar packs a happy punch of cleansing!

Add a small amount (tiny spoon provided) to wet palms and rub hands together to create a lovely foam, apply to face and neck.  Massage for a moment, rinse well and apply your favorite facial moisturizer!

...May I suggest our Lavender Hyaluronic or Hydrating Vitamin C Oil, or a combination of both...that is what I use!

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