Lavender Vanilla Solid Conditioner Bar, 42 gm

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This silky soft and fragrant conditioner bar takes the place of a whole bottle of liquid conditioner and you don't have all that plastic to deal with!  Look at you being all eco friendly!

To use, glide bar over wet hair in shower, rinse out any excess. Over time you’ll figure out if you’re a short, long, or multiple swipe sorta person!   Begin your swipes in the area of your ear...the conditioner will migrate to your roots as you massage your hair!


Cetrimonium Chloride:  Ammonium salt used as a light hair conditioning agent. Improves both wet and dry combing and reduces static electricity.
BTMS 50:  Emulsifying Wax, hair and skin conditioner.
Cetyl Alcohol:  fatty alcohol used as thickener
Cocoa Butter
Panthenol:  Vitamin B5
Hydrolyzed Silk:  Protein, provides a protective barrier.
Liquid Germall:  broad spectrum preservative
Lavender Essential Oil & Vanilla Extracts

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