Poison Oak Cold Process Soap

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Fantastic results with this all natural cold process soap!

Also a brilliant treatment for other issues with Chemical Irritant Contact Dermatitis which can be associated with working with plant material in many farming applications!

As a daily skin soap, you just can not beat this soap! It must be the tannin's in the bark and all the other herbs that make this soap my favorite daily use soap! It leaves the skin fresh and soft as a babies behind!

This bar is LOADED with a ton of botanicals and will be quite abrasive...and that is a good thing if you have a wicked case of poison oak!  Oh the itchiness!!!  Rub away my friend, rub away!  But don't wash it off...leave the soap on!

Contains: Bentonite Clay, Birch Bark, Willow Bark, Plantain Leaf, Sassafras, Elder Flower & Colloidal Oatmeal ,  Jewel Weed, Noni, Olive Leaf, Burdock root and lemongrass.

Quantity:  each bar (2.9 oz)

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Natural Poison Oak remedy

My husband got a wicked case of poison oak working in the central valley foothills. I was about to send him to the clinic for a steroid but got this at our local Ace the evening before. The rash was practically gone in the morning. No blisters, hives, etc. Game changer for sure.

Tried and tested

At the suggestion of my friend who gave me your Poison Oak soap for a case of the rash, I used it on half my body and a not-to-be-named national product on the other half and your product (local to me) won on all counts. It felt good going on and it soothed the itching for longer. Thank you, I will be looking carefully at what else Ewe So Dirty has to offer.

Best for any rash

This is hands down the most amazing soap for any kind of rash you get from plants that causes allergic reactions. Not only does it work amazingly on poison oak rashes, but my daughter had a terribly itchy rash from an unknown tree sap this morning and after just one quick shower with this lovely soap, she was itch-free! I don't know how many times it's saved my poor husband from being miserable after clearing poison oak while fence building in our area and it's just amazing. Jamie's my cousin so I may be a bit biased, but there really is nothing better than this product for safely and naturally getting rid of ANY rash Mother Nature sees fit to bestow on you. Her other soaps are awesome too!

Karl G
Really bad poison oak

The best soap for poison oak stops the itching and drys it up.

OMG the best soap!

I food this at a hardware store. My boyfriend is a huge outdoor enthusiast and is highly allergic to poison everything! This cleared up his inching crazy fast. I on the other hand had never been reactive until this year visiting family out in the country of Oklahoma. Now I am ordering more to be my daily soap.