Purely Whipped Shea Butter, 3oz

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Luscious Whipped Butters of Shea and Coconut combine with Arrowroot Powder, Extracts of Green Tea, Evening Primrose, Carrot, Sea Buckthorn, Mallow, Chamomile and Aloe.   

Slather it on, but remember, a little bit goes a LONG way! 

I use this Butter in particular because I am a bit older, and I spent a LOT of time in the sun!

Good for every day use, particularly amazing for folks with skin conditions!

We have found that this butter is great in taming fly away hair by rubbing hands through your hair when finished applying to your body! That wee bit left in your palms is more than enough to do the job! Great on split ends as well!


*This item is heat sensitive!  It may melt/deflate during shipping to warm climates!!!

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